Our Products

  • Instant endpoint notification of suspected excessive power usage and power outage notification
  • Line loss analysis / Reconciliation Data / Electrical Load Management.
  • If incorporated into residential smart meters, 100% grid surveillance, enhancing your Smart Meter Program by allowing continuous reconciliation
  • Innovative placement in electrical grid, creating substantial cost savings
  • Transitional electrical load profile software
  • Proprietary meter data analysis software algorithms to resolve and report problematic electrical load patterns
  • Secure Network Database/Graphical User Database/Geospatial Information via CAD
  • Create graphical/non graphical grid analysis reports
  • Wireless connectivity or adapted to Utilities communication strategy
  • Meter suite can be utilized on both underground and overhead transmission lines
  • Ecoenergy friendly, substantial Green House Emission Reduction
  • *patented in United States and Canada
Our Products

Maximum Voltage: 0 to 69KV (line-to-ground)
(Designed for Overhead/Underground)
Current sensing using closed core CT
Energy harvesting with battery backup, replaceable battery (Proprietary Cooper Power Systems)
Plug & Play, Hot Stick installable, no maintenance design (sealed)

Voltage – +/- 1% accuracy
Fault Present Sensing – determine fault and load directionality
Fault Count Reporting/Fault Current Reporting/Harmonics Reporting
Immediate ‘No Current’ reporting, real/reactive power, Power Factor, Harmonics,
True RMS, no current notification-OMS, remote firmware updating and calibrations
Poll-able, Temperature

Current Range: Auto adapts – 0.5A to 600A
• Resolution: .02-A
• Accuracy: + 1 %
• Conductor Range: .25-inches to 1.78-inches in diameter
• 15 second data samples averaged over 5 minutes (can be remotely modified)
• 50/60 Hertz

Immediate ‘No Current’ notification, notification directed to any software platform alarm Integration of numerous platform Register Boards with NIC

Communication Modes:
Current—GSM SIM provided by dTechs
Two way – DNP3 Comm protocol, Bluetooth, Replaceable Sim card (GSM/CDMA/ 2G 3G), GPS integration
Can be adapted to various mesh protocols dependant on communication platform power use
All communications from the sensor and the server are secured:
• Access to server controlled by IP address
• Data is encrypted between device and FTP server, SSL / SSH encryption

Minimum current to maintain battery:
• 2.5 Amps for 24 hour reporting
• 4.0 Amps for 6 hour reporting
Normal Operation – 10-12 year minimum life
Immediate ‘No Current’ reporting

Material: Glass-filled Nylon
Operating Temp: -35C to 80C
Weight: 2.2 lb / 1 kg
Dimensions: 8in x 7in x 6in
20.3cm x 17.8cm x 15.2cm

Tested to IEEE-495
IEEE-1725 for battery safety
Rated for up to 69 kV class and 600 A
Overvoltage magnitude tested to
200kV for 6 micro-sec
PTCRB App: United States (ATT)
Canada (Rogers)