Our Product - dTechs Electrical Profile Management

Product Highlights:

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Instant endpoint notification of suspected excessive power usage and power outage notification

Line loss analysis / Reconciliation Data / Electrical Load Management.

If incorporated into residential smart meters, 100% grid surveillance, enhancing your Smart Meter Program by allowing continuous reconciliation

Innovative placement in electrical grid, creating substantial cost savings

Transitional electrical load profile software

Proprietary meter data analysis software algorithms to resolve and report problematic electrical load patterns

Secure Network Database/Graphical User Database/Geospatial Information via CAD

Create graphical/non graphical grid analysis reports

Wireless connectivity or adapted to Utilities communication strategy

Meter suite can be utilized on both underground and overhead transmission lines

Ecoenergy friendly, substantial Green House Emission Reduction

*patented in United States and Canada


Maximum Voltage: 0 to 69KV (line-to-ground)  
(Designed for Overhead/Underground)
Current sensing using closed core CT
Energy harvesting with battery backup, replaceable battery (Proprietary Cooper Power Systems)
Plug & Play, Hot Stick installable, no maintenance design (sealed)

Voltage – +/- 1% accuracy
Fault Present Sensing – determine fault and load directionality
Fault Count Reporting/Fault Current Reporting/Harmonics Reporting
Immediate ‘No Current’ reporting, real/reactive power, Power Factor, Harmonics,
True RMS, no current notification-OMS, remote firmware updating and calibrations
Poll-able, Temperature


Current Range: Auto adapts - 0.5A to 600A
• Resolution: .02-A
• Accuracy: + 1 %
• Conductor Range: .25-inches to 1.78-inches in diameter
• 15 second data samples averaged over 5 minutes (can be remotely modified)
• 50/60 Hertz

Immediate 'No Current' notification, notification directed to any software platform alarm Integration of numerous platform Register Boards with NIC

Communication Modes:
Current—GSM SIM provided by dTechs
Two way - DNP3 Comm protocol, Bluetooth, Replaceable Sim card (GSM/CDMA/ 2G 3G), GPS integration
Can be adapted to various mesh protocols dependant on communication platform power use
All communications from the sensor and the server are secured:
• Access to server controlled by IP address
• Data is encrypted between device and FTP server, SSL / SSH encryption

Minimum current to maintain battery:
•  2.5 Amps for 24 hour reporting
•  4.0 Amps for 6 hour reporting
Normal Operation - 10-12 year minimum life
Immediate ‘No Current’ reporting

Material: Glass-filled Nylon
Operating Temp: -35C to 80C  
Weight: 2.2 lb / 1 kg
Dimensions:     8in x 7in x 6in
20.3cm x 17.8cm x 15.2cm

Tested to IEEE-495
IEEE-1725 for battery safety
Rated for up to 69 kV class and 600 A
Overvoltage magnitude tested to
200kV for 6 micro-sec
PTCRB App:    United States (ATT)
Canada (Rogers)