Media Releases

Media Releases

dTechs files patent infringement lawsuit against BC Hydro and Awesense Wireless Inc.
Calgary, AB Canada Feb 17, 2017. dTechs epm Ltd. (dTechs) has commenced a patent infringement lawsuit against British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (BC Hydro) and Awesense Wireless Inc. (Awesense); both corporations located in British Columbia, Canada. In its statement of claim, dTechs alleges that both defendants have infringed its intellectual property. dTechs seeks a permanent injunction of that alleged infringement and damages.

“After numerous attempts to address this issue with both parties, dTechs had no choice but to defend its patented processes and intellectual property”, stated Roger Morrison, CEO of dTechs. In 2006, Morrison founded dTechs based on his experience as an Organized Crime Sergeant with the Calgary Police Service where he investigated and dismantled over 750 Marihuana Grow Operations. He invented and patented a cost effective high resolution monitoring system for the last mile ‘data gap’ in Utility distribution grids.

In its claim, dTechs maintains that BC Hydro and Awesense are infringing the dTechs patent. In particular, dTechs maintains that BC Hydro is using the patented methods without permission as the basis for its electricity theft detection system, which BC Hydro has stated is a $110 to $170 million project anticipated to save over $730 million. dTechs maintains that Awesense is using the patented methods without permission as the basis for its electricity loss detection product, which it markets to utility companies, including BC Hydro.

About dTechs

dTechs enables electric utilities to cost effectively monitor their entire distribution grid. Using highly accurate high resolution medium voltage sensors and software, our system reconciles with both conventional and Smart Meter endpoints. Our technical and non-technical analysis includes detailed location of electricity theft, unsafe high consumption, outages, and poor infrastructure areas. dTechs holds Process Patents for their system in both Canada and the United States.

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